Archaeological Museum Who would have thought that people on vacation (in a foreign country), leaving the tips of 10-15 dollars / euros (instead of standard 1-2-x), for buying a round at this very meticulous recreation demanded the cheapest option SAAAMY hotel and cheap SAAAMY ticket airplane ... In fact, it's typically Russian, say, a spice: save as much as possible in order packages, and arrived at the place, throwing money left and right (often without a special need). Another detail - among the cheapest Hotels Russians for some reason prefer 3 stars, but in the middle of nowhere, instead of B & B, but in the heart of the city ... seems to be as undignified ... and here is the hotel to get 2 days for deer - is somehow more respectable ... So, let's talk about common sense. That You can change your outlook in that the quality of rest - to improve, and the amount of money spent - to decrease? 1) Choose a good B & B in the area where you're going to spend the bulk of the time: sunbathing on the beach - means Bed & Breakfast on the coast, sightseeing of the city - hence, closer to the center, etc. Rooms are usually in their lower or the same as in the good hotels that are known where ... 2) If you are going to travel by 4-person, it often makes sense instead of the hotel to book an apartment or a villa (it depends on each purse) - benefit is obvious - the more people the cheaper you will hire her. In addition, you can greatly save on diet: instead of expensive restaurants can be quite easy to prepare meals at home. A visa in this case are available through agencies that provide this...
New Year In France New Year in France - not just a memorable gift, a wonderful opportunity to discover this country in a very different perspective. France is filled with festive atmosphere in the weeks before the new year. By the end of November, all the central streets brighten the colorful illumination and in the windows of houses, cafes and shop windows are hung snowflakes, stars, garlands, balloons, front porches, balconies and window sills are exposed flowering plants dressed Christmas trees and Christmas figurines. By nightfall, all is transformed: hundreds of thousands of lights transform the city into a fabulous kingdom. New Year's ostentatious luxury France shines like a medieval high society lady in front of the main ball of the year - the best dressed in costumes, dazzling shimmering chic jewelry. If you decide to celebrate the New Year 2011 in France, and select Paris, you will be able to fully enjoy this unforgettable spectacle. Why are only windows of the main department of the capital - Galeries Lafayette - where the windows come to life for fairy tales, and each year selects a new theme. The first landmark date in a series of New Year falls on December 6, or the day of St. Nicholas. This refers to Nicholas, who is very revered in France. Particularly happy on this day young children: for the good-natured Nicholas necessarily bring them any presents. So the night of 5 December 6 kids put their shoes over the threshold, and in the morning, they miraculously found gifts.

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