United Arab Emirates Breakfast - the perfect time to relax, when I want to forget about work, turn away from domestic problems, tan, swim and get as many new, unexplored feelings. Of course, in light of the many beautiful and interesting places but if you want to get into a real fairy tale, where there are palm trees, sea, and exotic flowers, and even a real sheik, it's time to go to the United Arab Emirates. In this country there is something to see, where to rest and gain strength. And anything that is actually the state exists less than 40 years! Its history back thousands of years, and this is not the only fact worthy of wonder and admiration. Now in the UAE consists of seven emirates, and in each has its own peculiarities, its own laws and traditions. This emirate of Abu Dhabi is surrounded by green trees and bushes - the biggest of them all, and its capital, Abu Dhabi, called the city of gardens. There are comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches, huge shopping centers and shady parks with fountains. Emirate of Abu Dhabi owns 95% of all oil reserves and natural gas deposits in the UAE. But the country attracts numerous visitors, of course, is not it. Abu Dhabi amazingly beautiful, and admire its architecture, modern skyscrapers, luxurious palaces and mosques can be infinitely many. The only ancient building in the capital - Al Husn Palace, also called the Old or the White Fort. The former palace of Sheikh Shahburta was built in the late XIX century around a source of fresh water.
Fishing In Finland Pure and rich in fish ponds in Finland offers you almost unlimited possibilities for different types of fishing in Finland. You can get pleasure from the beautiful lake scenery, unique islands, many of the rivers flowing in the forests and river rapids. In blue water you can relax in complete harmony with nature. Fishing in Finland will leave an excellent impression at all - and for experienced anglers, and beginners, who took a fishing rod in hand during the holidays just for fun. At the sites for fishing in Finland you can fish alone or take advantage of local trainers who will share with you their secrets and reveal the best places for fishing. And what could be tastier than yourself caught and cooked fish for dinner at the end of the day spent in nature? None foodie can resist such a temptation. Fishing in Finland - it's 187 888 lakes and 1,100 miles. coast, as well Finland - a country teeming with fish of rivers and streams, channels and thresholds: their are thousands of miles away. LAKE fishing in Finland 187 888 lakes offer anglers Finland excellent opportunities for a variety of fishing. Of lake fish are the most common pike, perch, pike, trout, carp and various bream, ide, chub. In the summer of fishing on a float rod, as from the shore and from boats or motor boats - One of the most popular forms of recreation. The main catch when fishing for the bait - perch. Places rich in pike and perch, are everywhere - in marine waters and inland waters. Sudak is found mainly in South Finland, and the best places to catch located in the province of Hama and along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. In large lakes, rich in whitefish, trout caught...

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