Planning Table The fear is the main reason more shining ideas is not outside of the planning table, the fear is the reason for which the majority of the people has fear to leave the work and to start a business. The fear is the reason for which the majority of the people if does not atrevem to dream great is therefore that they remain pequenos.' ' It is easy to be in the same one, but it is not easy to move. The majority of the people chooses to remain during all vida.' the same; ' - Father Rico' ' The people who dream small dreams they continue to live as people pequenas.' ' - Father Rico therefore that I emphasize entrepreneurs to pass for the process of ' ' to learn vender.' ' Vender is everything on facing and surpassing its worse fear; sales go beyond its zone of comfort. Sales are all on not having fear of rejection and sales are all on a value change fundamental.' ' The more the risk of being to move away, optimum my possibilities is of being aceito.' ' - Rich Father 2. Profits and growth of the business are all dependents of a factor, ' ' Vendas' '. The speed with that its business grows is dependent of its capacity of vender. If you cannot vender, you will have little sales and growth limitado.' ' Vender is our main task. To never be far from sales of a lot of merchandises personally. The more you to vender, plus you aprende.' ' - Cash James Penny3. As entrepreneurs, we vendemos to our customers to increase sales and profits. We also vendemos to our customers to increase its fidelizao and clientelismo; sales, more important she is all on starting the repeated sales. Construction of...

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