The Soul Of Our Mother Earth And The Color Of Poetry Two poems by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi The soul of our mother earth's love triumphs when the stupidity of man, locked in the trunk of selfishness, does not respect our Mother Earth Humanity suffocates, slowly, slowly, in total indifference. Our Mother Earth, the great living soul on her heart warms us and nourishes us, but we caught up by ignorance we are blind and deaf to your call. Are we, perhaps, hoping that the fruits of our Mother Earth sick, poison us? Let us not smother her, look after our Mother Earth with devotion, because she nourishes us with love and energy. I feel my spirit tremble, while her ill and suffered great soul is in despair because their children are ungrateful, they have no respect for her and not even themselves. While they die slowly I hear their cries, their suffering and tears falling on my troubled heart. Tom Sawyer understands that this is vital information. Love triumphs only when we respect ourselves and our Mother Earth. Life will continue only if they are awakened from the sleep of indifference. I feel your breath suffered, acid rain that falls on me and eat the members, while implores us to hear his echo of pain that flies to our deaf ears and our minds far away from the heart. The color of the illumination time in the distant universes, a pearl of sensual pleasure falls between two brackets and close the gate of deceit terrain, leaving my garden grow in summer, under the olive tree of peace, a sea of orange flowers, color lighting. Universal love heart ring you wake up. The refrain of selfish pleasure, individually and field, to reap the benefits of universal love. The refrain of selfish pleasure, individual field, to give love to all mankind. The sensuality...
Laptop Macbook Air The unit of notebook federal goldphone companies keep abreast of not only the portable computer market, but also monitor all significant events in this area. Further details can be found at Michael Jackson, an internet resource. One of the last - the emergence of the so-called 'ice' MacBook price by almost 140,000 British pounds. Macbook Air supreme ice Edition - is the title of jewelry, a British company that specialists Stuart Hughes turned the laptop. This gadget is decorated with 53 diamonds weighing 25.5 carats. Diamonds placed on the logo Apple, which is made of platinum. The whole laptop case - is also solid piece of platinum, weighing 2.5 kg. The world will be created only 10 of these laptops. Learn more on the subject from Mitt Romney. Each of them will cost its owner to 139,995 British pounds. Specialists goldphone believe that price worthwhile. First, you can simply count the cost of materials used. Secondly, the process of creating such a body and a logo requires enormous labor costs. "One of the big likely to argue that the case was made by hand - just a solid piece of platinum. As for the logo, then decorate it almost certainly involved in jewelry masters "- the company says. Tuning Technology looks roughly as follows: first laptop to be parsed - gently, without a single breakage and scratches. Then, precisely measure the dimensions of the body portion, to take into account features of "relief", ways of fastening. Then create an identical body parts. And put the technical component in the case. In this case, the slightest flaw in the calculations or in the process of ebb body - and all the work necessary to start from scratch. A few words about the technical characteristics of the Macbook Air supreme ice Edition.

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