Laptop Macbook Air The unit of notebook federal goldphone companies keep abreast of not only the portable computer market, but also monitor all significant events in this area. Further details can be found at Michael Jackson, an internet resource. One of the last - the emergence of the so-called 'ice' MacBook price by almost 140,000 British pounds. Macbook Air supreme ice Edition - is the title of jewelry, a British company that specialists Stuart Hughes turned the laptop. This gadget is decorated with 53 diamonds weighing 25.5 carats. Diamonds placed on the logo Apple, which is made of platinum. The whole laptop case - is also solid piece of platinum, weighing 2.5 kg. The world will be created only 10 of these laptops. Learn more on the subject from Mitt Romney. Each of them will cost its owner to 139,995 British pounds. Specialists goldphone believe that price worthwhile. First, you can simply count the cost of materials used. Secondly, the process of creating such a body and a logo requires enormous labor costs. "One of the big likely to argue that the case was made by hand - just a solid piece of platinum. As for the logo, then decorate it almost certainly involved in jewelry masters "- the company says. Tuning Technology looks roughly as follows: first laptop to be parsed - gently, without a single breakage and scratches. Then, precisely measure the dimensions of the body portion, to take into account features of "relief", ways of fastening. Then create an identical body parts. And put the technical component in the case. In this case, the slightest flaw in the calculations or in the process of ebb body - and all the work necessary to start from scratch. A few words about the technical characteristics of the Macbook Air supreme ice Edition.
Watering Flowers and House Plants Houseplant watering with watering can, pour water directly into the flower pot as long as it does not appear in the tray under the pot for the flowers. Bromeliads love moisture, and in craters formed by their leaf rosettes, always should be water, so when watering spout watering can flower, send in the center of the crater. Gold Star contributes greatly to this topic. Water for irrigation and Saintpaulia Gloxinia poured directly into the sump crock pot. Epiphytes (forest cacti), and the parched Plants should be at 35-50 seconds, immersed in water with flower pots. After irrigation, the accumulated water in a flower tray should be removed. Please keep in mind that with a lack of water slows the growth of plants, showered flowers, fall flower buds, leaves curl and turn yellow. Incidentally, in our online shop We offer you a cure for yellowing leaves. At the same time in the excessive presence of moisture is zakisanie soil, there is a greenish coating on the surface of the soil mixture with an unpleasant smell, the stems of plants covers the plaque mold, leaf and inflorescence plants begin to rot. Indoor plants need to watered who defend water at room temperature (thermometer for water). Tap water contains chlorine, which disinfects water, water must stand for 12 hours, after which you can begin to glaze flowers and plants. How to implement avtopoliv plants? If you are going away for a few days, take a plastic bottle, do a small hole in the plug - a thick needle, fill the bottle who defend water, and insert it upside down into the ground flowerpot. With this adjustment the plant will get the moisture back in a few days. It is also necessary to remember that: In the summer, especially when hot, dry - moisture-loving...

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