Commercial Productivity The Strategy is a description of the form as you hope to achieve the proposed objective, the plans of action and the priorities in the allocation of the resources, which will allow to face of one better way the changes than they appear in the surroundings of the development of each business. In order to manage to fulfill with the settled down Objectives you must: To know its Strengths and Weaknesses. To interpret the plan of the opponent (what we faced). To identify the external conditions which one is facing. To have a direction of the course that can take the events in the future. With the integration of these factors you will be able to identify the elements that helped him to constitute the Techniques of implementation of their Strategy of Business. ACTION: To define a Plan of Tactical operations to take to the practice the Strategy the Plan of Tactical operations is due to structure by means of the identification of the Fundamental Landmarks, which will allow to establish the actions to reach them and thus to implement a cronogram of tasks. This Plan of Work must count on a list of tasks, dates of programming, resources assigned for each task, cronogram of activities, as well as of the implementation of a clear and effective communication. The right elaboration of this Plan of Action will allow to establish the directives to follow for the execution of the Strategy and the profit of the raised Objectives. RESULTS: Analyses of the Results and adjustments to the Strategy and the Tactical Plan Once have executed the corresponding Tasks of the Plan of Action, is come to realise an analysis of the results and adjustments to the implementation of the Strategy, as well as of the Tactical Plan. The analysis of the...

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