Network Marketing .estuve reading the book his to 1er year in the Network Marketing, and is mentioned there that it is not due at the same time to work 2 businesses MLM, that you recommend to me? The question is very interesting and deserves to be treated in this bulletin: I must begin to say that, as much Mark Yarnell as its book " Its first year in the Netwok Marketing" they deserve all my admiration and my respect. Mark Yarnell is otivo of inspiration for many people who are trying to find their way through the industry of the MLM. Nevertheless it is necessary to make notice a very important question: Yarnell developed its organization between the Eighties and ninety. Since then many things have changed: First of all, 10 years ago the Internet - and mainly the electronic commerce - was still an industry in diapers, therefore he was not reliable like tool of support for networkers. You remember the famous one " crisis of .com " This had mainly to that they were to implement in the network same strategies of publicity and promotion used in traditional means and the result were a resounding failure. On the other hand, in the age of Mark Yarnell, the advances in communications did not exist on which we counted at the moment you could not - by example - to be in conference through Internet with located members of your equipment in different places from the world. If you wanted to train to your equipment you had to physically be in the same place with them what offered many difficulties at the time of working with several groups. By all means that if to that him extreme to work two or more opportunities to the time the task were impossible. Nowadays we...

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