Written Communication The care is essential so that the place of conviviality of the team is not one ' ' environment militar' ' , with rigidity and without the minimum presence of a smile or a moment of descontrao. The good relationship between leader and the team must be conquered through the exercise of a good communication, observing the ethical principles and mannering that provide satisfaction in such a way who lead how much to that they are led. Thus the problem of the research in guideline is defined: Which the importance of the communication in the leadership of teams? 2.Delimitao of the research Comes of the Latin Communicatio, of communis=comum. Action to become something common many. The communication becomes possible the relations between the people and the groups, being a factor of integration and social interaction. It is the establishment of a thought chain or message, directed of an individual to another one, with the end to inform, to persuade or to amuse. The communication mentions the exchange to it of information between people. One characterizes through the events or events that if verify in the home, the school, the company, in the church, among others. This relationship occurs between a person and another one, being able to be husband and woman, salesman and purchaser, evangelizado evangelizador and; it enters the members of a group, being the integrant ones of the home, professor and pupils, shepherd and members of a church; or still between groups in an organization, being sectors inside of a company, departments of a church, classrooms inside of a college, etc.) the Types of communication: 1) Verbal Verbal communication: that one where the word is the used way to canalize the fact; 2) Written verbal communication: that one where the fact is transmitted by alphabetical characters? numerical? alphanumeric,...

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