Amazonian Basin People of some places of the planet hearing to speak on the settling of the Territory of Rondnia had left in search of improvements in the dense Amazonian forests. A very ambitious man thought to be rich removing wood in the forest. At that time he had enormous chestnut trees that they produced fruits the sufficient to feed the animals, the indians, the small immigrants and the messengers of this region. The ambitious man decided to knock down the chestnut trees to vender and to be used in the constructions of houses, you surround and others. At that time it did not have road to remove logs of the chestnut trees, the lumber looked for to knock down the trees next to the rivers. Rolling until the riverbed and thus it lead until the city next and they vendiam there them. For many times, the lumber made this exactly passage, descends the river, co-ordinating the logs until arriving at the next village where it would have to vender them. Soon the INCRA, colonized the Amazonian Basin, distributing a lot of approximately 42 alqueires for each agriculturist. From this it dates, it was appearing, families of some places of Brazil and the agency decided to reduce the lots in 21 Alqueires. The colonists and the lumber had disorderedly started to devastar the forests, respecting if he does not want the fauna and the flora. The chestnut trees rebelled with what it was happening to the redores had decided to trace a strategy to stop of time with that slaughter of its species. An old and enormous chestnut tree that already had produced many fruits, supporting many animals, many indians and many messengers of that region, bradou saying: Accompanying, we must immediately take a decision against these intruders, if to be of...

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