Solar Central Office Other fotovoltaicos parks of lesser dimension still exist, as it is the case of the Solar Park of Almodvar, the Solar Central office of Blacksmith of the Alentejo, the Solar Central office of Blacksmith, the Fotovoltaica Central office of the Cut Bread and Water and the Central office of Lamelas, all they with an important paper for the reduction of expenses of energies did not renew. Microgeneration the microgeneration, of one forms generality, consists of the energy production or heat for individuals or companies of small dimension that possess the installations necessary to use to advantage the energies you renewed of small dimension. The great advantage is the possibility of vender ' ' excesso' ' of energy acquired for the public net, preventing as soon as either necessary the acquisition of this energy of other forms, thus being able the individual to still spend the proper energy that stores and to remove some type of profit of it. This is a system each more popular time in the Portuguese families, however before advancing for the installation of a system of these it is necessary to know the laws with that if they conduct these systems and all the laws necessary for the rank of the systems to function decrees of laws in accordance with gifts in the country. Of one it forms generality, installation and maintenance of the systems of recovery of energies you renewed in Portugal is to advance visibly, mainly with the plans that the proper Government created to benefit the products and to stimulate the families to adhere to these. Although the initial costs still to be very high (given to the value of the solar panels, water deposits, etc.), are very advantageous the use of these, mainly in what it says respect to the emission of...

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