The Same Here, according to the budget, you can attract that audience by designing a unique booklet with production for the whole year and distribute it before These dates or, if you have more budget, a separate brochure for each event can be. It can also launch a loyalty plan, i.e. for each 7 purchases of flowers they give you a small bouquet of red roses or the eighth purchase make you a 10% discount of the total spent on previous purchases. 2 Seller at home. We would have to analyze whether making to cold door, i.e. playing in houses and offer different products: ramos, centers, etc., or if we send brochures and look forward to the call of the buyer. At the beginning the cold door can cost a little, since it is striking and it is not usual, but if a clientele is made, you can get a few important recurring sales.The cost of this new service will depend on how has been done, i.e., whether it has hired a new person, if it is the same person who would be hired but distributing best time (devote 1 morning to this service), if it has been made flyers announcing the service, etc. 3. Selling over the web. Develop an online store, where you show the products that are offered. They would have to study all the costs that that implies, because we not only have to take into account development of the web, but all actions of communication and advertising of the same, since the potential customer has to find the website to order. If an annual planning is not done we don't know what we want, or actions to achieve it. In addition, not may parse what action is most profitable for the available budget. In addition, would have...

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