The Representation As Almeida (2002), is important to detach the potential of the ED with support in digital and interactive environments of learning for the representation of the thought of the apprentice and the communication of its ideas, as well as for the individual and collective production of knowledge. Due to characteristic of the related one with making, to review and to remake continuous, the error can be dealt with as object analysis and reformularization. Almeida and the Prado (2003) analyze an experience of resolution of problems in colaborativos groups that exclusively interact by means of a digital environment of interaction and learning and evidence the potential of these environments for the procedural evaluation and auto-evaluation. It is important to understand that the challenges of the ED are congruentes with the challenges of the educational system in its totality, whose analysis implies in analyzing that education if intends to carry through, for who if dirige, with who it will be developed, with the use of which technologies and which the boardings more adjusted to speed up the process of social inclusion of the Brazilian population. DEVELOPMENT the integration of traditional medias of mass - radio and television, with the improvement in the rapidity of distribution of materials printed matters for the post office, had in the distance provoked the expansion of the education from education centers and production, which emits the way information uniform for all the pupils, who receive the productions from the senders, study the received concepts, carries through the considered exercises and they send to the responsible agencies for the course for evaluation and emission to them of new modules of content. Although the education in the distance carried through through half conventionals of transmission makes it difficult the establishment of Inter-relations between sender and receiver, process and product...
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