Attorney Section 95 of the Code provides that the court is obliged to order the integration of co-parties to the process required when the claim or its defense appears as obvious that the decision to fall on the sentence will affect . The necessary co-parties is evident from the substantial legal relationship and if the judge, calling the demand and response notes that there needed to co-parties are not involved in the claim or are not considered to be all defendants, and also lacks information regarding the co-parties that do not appear necessary to the process or are sued, the judge has the power to return the application to provide data that these co-parties that have not been considered as plaintiffs or defendants. The return of the application is for co-parties to integrate the process and is necessary to constitute the juridical proceedings valid, since in any case, if it was not deemed necessary to co-parties, the procedural law relationship is not perfect, and Judge may not issue a ruling on the merits of the dispute. If these applications were to demand and then order a party or the same judge warns that actually fails to appear or a summons is not necessary co-parties after notice of the claim in a reasoned decision the court has suspended the process until to establish the relationship valid legal proceedings. Interpretive analysis of the rules required that the Attorney General establishes, they can be integrated into the process, even after having undergone the hearing test, and that Article 96 of the Civil Procedure Code provides that if at the time of integration and the hearing was conducted tests and incorporated as one of the co-parties, offers evidence, the judge must note the date and time for an additional hearing tests to be performed within...
Central Army Sports Club The most titled club in Russia, oddly enough, was not the first champion. Generally, to play basketball cska did not start as the Central Army Sports Club, and as the Central Red Army House. However, the club was founded in 1924 year - four years before the foundation of the respective Houses. To win the championship for the first time the ussr championship in a game of basketball cska took 7 years. For the first time the army team won the All-Union Championship in 1945, which was very, very symbolic. In the next two years in basketball cska played a little less bright, which resulted in the 2 nd place in 1946 and the third - in 1947. Later, in fact, the whole team went into the Air Force Club of wmo, the newly organized Vasily Stalin, and several years as a contender for the 'gold', but the team wins the son of the Leader and not scored. In 1960 cdka was still cska Moscow, and another decade later, a team led by Alexander Gomelsky, under the strict guidance of which cska won 9 (!) titles. In 1980, the Gomel was succeeded by his disciple Yuri . Under him the club won the championship of the Soviet Union still 7 times. Already in the Russian championship record of Gomel repeated Stanislav Eremin: bright basketball cska Moscow in the 1992-2000-m - is entirely to his credit. Further, followed by two disastrous seasons in a row (2001-2002), when cska lost their medals. However, in the period from 2002 to 2008-th years of the army team again won the titles one by one others. cska is also a 6-time winner of the tournament, which is now called the Euroleague, a 3-fold the Cup of Russia and empionom nebl.

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