Aylthon Brando Marina N. Toscano Summary the objective of this article is to show the importance of the ecosystem of manguezais and to present the types of fens. Introduction the majority of the people who live of the manguezais does not know the extreme importance that this ecosystem presents. the manguezais are nurseries and hbitats of many species of marine and terrestrial beings. Therefore the preservation and consientizao of this ecosystem are more than important, half of the population is essential for more than that from there takes off its sustenance that is 95% of the littoral communities among others. The fen is composed for only three types of trees (Rhizophora mangle? fen-brave or red, schaueriana Avicena? fen-seriba or seriba? racemosa Laguncularia? fen-white) Red Fen - Rhizophora mangle the name of the tree thus is given therefore, when its rind is scraped, it presents a colored coloration typical of the species. The breath of the plant is made through rizforos, that also assist its sustentation. species multiplies through seeds (propgulos) that they still germinate imprisoned to the plant-mother, increasing the possibilities of the species if to propagate. Fen Preto or Seriba - schaueriana Avicena the fen-black color presents structures of breath called pneumatforos, that are roots that grow in a system to radicular and that later they go up, being above of the ground, thus assisting the breath of the tree. Moreover, the fen-black color has specialized structures called salt glands, that thus are called by the fact excretar the salt that is absorbed by the plant. White fen - racemosa Laguncularia pecolo of its leves is red and presents salt glands what it makes with that through the leaf can be observed small portions of salt, what facilitates the identification of the plant and the type of fen.
High Administration When a crisis comes the first reactions of the High Administration or Managements normally point a: not to invest, reduction of expenses, reduction of personnel, preservative contraction of lines of products and measures. Are these actions the correct ones? The answer will depend on the final mission that persecutes the company that faces a crisis; defining crisis like one of the following: remarkable loss of participation of market, fall of prices, fall in volume of sales, entrance of foreign or but strong competitors, consolidation of a local competitor and/or loss of strong clients. That effect has the measures taken hastily before the crises? We can mention: Definitive loss of the participation of market, loss of credibility before clients and suppliers, loss of important human resource with experience and loss of opportunities of new businesses. But that we do before a crisis? Many we are surprised when somebody says to us, if the market is depressed and his business is in crisis: you must invest. It is an expression that we can resist saying it: He is crazy? He wants that he invests today that I am in crisis to lose more? No, my dear reader. When a market is in crisis not only affects you to him, you affect the rest of competitors, therefore the one that develops the best STRATEGY of Crisis will be the one that survives and gains the market. (The unique exception is if you or the Administration already decided to leave the business). We mention some recommendable alternatives and actions before a crisis: 1. It does not stop investing. Nontenth that invests enough, only that does not have to stop investing. It does not stop renewing the machinery, to update the systems, acquisition of equipment for new products or projects. 2. If Evale is going...

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