The Civil Procedure Code In the latter, the plurality occurs when the trial has already begun to avail various subjects, by the phenomenon of third party intervention in two ways: joint litigation related counterclaim, accumulation and process domain or third party with better title. The joint litigation extension can be absolute or partial extension, according to the application community outreach to all aspects of litigation, or any of its facets, respectively. In turn, that the Attorney partial extension on community can be with or contradiction in the first case partial extension will be released from any relationship of confrontation. For example, if the insurer to enter the lawsuit in full agreement with the nominations of the insured to the extent of insurance, but not participate in the proceedings as to what level exceeding said. Change the question whether a co-parties show similarities with another while contradictions in other ways, for example, the same insurer that postulates with the same meaning in relation to the amounts and items covered by what the insurer, but disagrees with him as could claim that the first he must answer for the total amount is being sought. 1.4.3. RANKING IN THE CIVIL PROCEDURE CODE joint litigation could be: 1 .- Active: Plurality of people as plaintiffs, 2 .- Passive: Plurality of persons as defendants, 3 .- Mixed: When there is plurality of plaintiffs and defendants more persons. The Civil Procedure Code defines as "joint litigation, when two or more persons jointly litigate, as plaintiffs or defendants, which has a same claim, their claims are related or that the sentence issued in respect of a prejudicial to the other.
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