Deadly Sins To be sure of the correct way of training in the gym, it is necessary to examine 7 Deadly Sins beginner bodybuilder. Mistake 1. Too low intensity. An absolute majority is not even engaged suspect that the bar of their working weight is actually much higher. Low intensity in this case because the fans, unlike the professionals, not competing. As a result, the training does not interfere with the main catalytic motifs of the psyche: the desire to prove himself, the desire to get ahead of rivals, not to let the team. Many naively deceived themselves, naively believing that the train to the limit. Solution: You need a partner approximately equal to you by the forces that will bring to the training the missing element of competition, or even better - competitor coach who experienced in achieving real results. Mistake 2. Excessive training weight. One of the main tenets of fitness reads: "Better Fewer, but better quality." It is understood that much cheaper and more efficient to do more repetitions with moderate weight and proper technique, rather than struggling to shake under excessively heavy rod, trying to overpower sverhves. So just put yourself at unnecessary risk of injury. Solution: Do exercises to measured. Follow the correct technique for a duration set (of hours). Be sure to avoid 'cheating' - it's when, during the exercise, you help yourself all over. Otherwise work will not be those muscles that are running the exercise. Mistake 3. The absence of a diary. Diary on training is extremely important attribute.
LOADING A man was a time who lived in a civilization, isolated in an island, where the custom, the tradition and the belief of the local people determined that from the adult age, until the death, its inhabitants were obliged to load, diuturnamente, a cross in its coasts. That one that did not mark this determination was punished and banishes from the island; he delivers to the perigos of the sea. This man occurs specifically that, lived complaining of of the weight of its cross, constantly. He was always comparing the size and the weight de a Cruz who was obliged to always load with the cross of the too much people and complaining that its most weighed age. Nothing it made and nothing it made during its entire life, in its proper benefit, nor neither in benefit of the next one, therefore its great concern while still alive, always was the weight of its cross. The time was passing and the man had an idea. Day after day it started to remove small chips de a Cruz, of form to reduce its size and to become has more led it. As it removed small chips, practically imperceptible, the reduction of the weight of its cross was not noticed for the too much inhabitants of the island and consequently it never was punished. Throughout its life it removed as much and as many small chips that the size of its cross was scrumbled almost for the half. It occurs that the day of its death arrived and as was the belief of the local civilization, the deceased would have to load and to present its crosses in the sky. Coming across with the doors of the sky the man it sighted an angel who kept the entrance and was soon saying...

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