The Mother It was purple, fulo of anger, but he did not speak nothing and it continued: Vevevem chechecheirando the time between nononoite and rose papapra to mimiminha door sususua lelelenta machine. - It sees if it reads a little better, Jonas - it said teacher. She reads well to devagar, if does not matter with the others. Purple, black Jonas, grogue is nervous, reviews of a side another one, wants to run away from there, if to thread in the blanket of the mother and not to wake up never more, but are obliged to continue. Alhealhealheio to the popopolcia aneanteanterior to tratratrfego boboboi, mememe conquests papapra another one, teteteu reno. New laughs, new outbursts of laughter. The teacher asked for to silence and it he continued, dead than alive. Sesesegura teteteus chichichifres here it is me tratratransportado sososonho in cococompanhia to the papas proproprofundo. With one sacrifice of the devils it arrives to end. classroom it capsized one hospice. Nobody stopped to laugh. The serious teacher fought with one another one pupil, but the barulheira one was excessively until: - Booooommmmm! It hears an enormous boom. Everybody looked at for brings. - Soon! The fat person blew up. An enormous fire advanced for the window of the school. It was only seen pupil esguaritando for the door and the other window. He does not know yourself as the fat person obtained to leave the room only it was found two hours later, under of the bed of the mother. Still it trembled very. - What it was, Jonas? The mother asked. - The world is finishing back in the college. From there little it passed the policy and the body of firemen. An airplane weave-I weave had I fell of the one in the patio of the blown up school...

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