The Contract Until then, you will think that the English - an incredibly complex language. Although, as you well know, and the whole world thinks is incredibly difficult it is Russian. So, bottom line: if you're not too well aware of Russian grammar, came to the English courses, expect setbacks or start quickly complete their education and learn grammatical terms. So you can at least understand as linking words in English sentences. However, knowledge of grammar - not a guarantee of success. Another scourge of learning English is that many never learn to think on it, and build a phrase first in Russian, more mentally disassemble the proposal to members (subject, verb, etc.), determine the grammatical categories of words (noun, verb, adjective), and then remember the rules for constructing proposals in English, translate all the words, and only then give thought aloud. The human mind - a very fast car. And this whole bunch of operations it can carry less than a minute. However, if you face a business partner and close - your competitor, then those seconds would be enough to lose the fight for getting the contract. How to win? Learn to speak and immediately think in English. It is possible. So you learn the native language in childhood. Similarly, you can learn English while studying the course English as a second language (ESL) in applied education. The word second but the basic meaning of the "second account" also has another meaning. That is, a different value, and we mean when we talk about course esl - English as a second mother tongue. It's as if you were living with parents who were born in different countries and know two different languages. You, on the childhood talking to them in these two languages, learns both. And both of you -...
Ordinary Subcultures Culture exists and develops its many subcultures that make up part of her body and interact with each other. Through the process of marginalization that occurs in the body of subcultures enriched general cultural artifacts and fund of meanings, opening up new opportunities, new solutions to problems. Developing a culture relies on this mechanism, the diffusion of cultural meanings and artifacts inside the body culture. However, it is possible that cultural development is impossible - it ceases to be coherent, or becomes a monolith, they can not develop further. These problems are associated with the balance of marginal and commonplace in the culture. Imbalance in the quality of side dominance everyday is usually associated with secularization of culture, "growing into everyday life, in general, that is referred to as" philistinism ". For the average layman is not important any transformation of the global political arena, nor the disaster in Haiti (since it resides, for example, in the U.S.), nor hunger riots in Nigeria. He does not really matter, because it is enclosed in own, very cozy world, the alpha and omega which is a refrigerator and television. If the culture begins to move along this path of development, the subculture will soon become useless to man, the state must only to establish effective systems for maintenance of life of the average individual. And it is precisely these mechanisms are to maintain such a person subcultures, which are separated from him unbridgeable gulf TV screen or smiling manager - the boundary between the absolute uselessness of each other. For the layman bank employee probably a member of a mysterious sect, than the object of active communication and reflection.

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