David Curbelo He was a seer who perceived the real thing with eyes that are not ours. It is said that it trasmutaba in universal reality that any person was simply an ordinary sensation. Everything seems to indicate that you desdoblaba, you despersonificaba to your own liking. The other, the of Discover a language, find a language, which is clearly understood in paragraph of your extraordinary letter of a seer, lets you assume humanity and even animals, do feel, feel, listen to their inventions. Be present also, that Rimbaud had dreamed of a language which all understand it to express everything, i.e. a language universal and preternatural. This creative source, over the course of five years was stopped and everything seems to indicate that his gifts disappeared, thus saith Morand: the poet has begun to see a tree as a simple tree; the boat is simply a boat; instead of a school of drums made by the archangels, there is a factory. Everything then seems to indicates that Rimbaud has preferred silence and leaves us the footprint as a testimony of his resignation. Jesus David Curbelo gives us in this regard, that the paradigm of the renunciation of poetry is what Rimbaud: the child prodigy who wrote a few poems that estremecerian the foundations of Western poetry between twelve and twenty years until the collapse and then abandoned literature to find the freedom to be normal, something that he was barred from his position of genius, visionary and Prophet. In various previous texts I have commented the Rimbaud case, above all to address the issue of exile (the exile and the Kingdom), poem in prose (damned caste) and the need to break (with the devil in the body), by which refer to them to avoid repeating the thesis of silence as self-annihilation...

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