The Contribution Both we importantssimos for the development of the individual. The individual must be analyzed taking in account both levels, without, as one becomes normally, prioritizing one of them. The conquests that already if find consolidated in the child, the functions or capacities that it already learned and dominates, therefore already obtain to use alone, are part of ' ' development level real' ' that it indicates the mental processes of the child that already had been established, or cycles of development that already had been completed. This level if relates to the activities and tasks that the child already knows to make of independent form, a level of established development already, ' ' the development retrospectivo' '. The example of the previous one, we have ' ' development level potencial' ' that also she mentions yourself what the child is capable to make, however, with the aid of another person. In this level the child carries through tasks and solves problems through the dialogue, of the contribution, the imitation, the experience shared and of tracks that are supplied to it. This level is for Vygotsky (1984), well more indicative of its mental development of what what it obtains to make alone. In the distance between what it can make alone, of independent form and what it carries through in contribution with other elements of its social group it characterizes what Vygotsky called of ' ' zone of potential development or proximal' ' (ZDP). Thus, the development of the child is seen of form ' ' prospectiva' '. This because the proper Vygotsky (1984, P. 97) affirms: The zone of proximal development defines those functions that had not yet ripened, that they are in maturation process, functions that will ripen, but that are gifts in embryonic state. These functions could be...
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