The Process Planning of the interview, defining the objectives, methods and environments where they will be applied. Through reports I contend the synthecized information, of each candidate, I contend the main factor that resulted in its choice. Through email or phone call, being thankful the participation in the process and informing the result of the same. Chase Koch is actively involved in the matter. The selective process elaborated potencializa well the results of the organization, therefore the professional adds its strong points, while the company creates chances to develop its fragile points. When if he carries through a selective process of professionalized form, beyond being intent to the level of the knowledge of the professional in the area where he will go to act, one also evaluates its behavior and temperament front to some situations. The group dynamics is one of the main stages of a selective process and also in evaluation of career (promotion). It has for purpose ' ' peneirar' ' candidates who more do not possess the profile indicated for the vacant (the qualifications techniques they are not in the objective of this evaluation). The search of ' has as main goal; ' certain man for the place certo' ' Very it is used in companies of medium and great transport, national and multinationals, the dynamic of group and the games can evaluate a roll of requirements, as much the training level, promotion, as in the staff election, the evaluated requirements more are: LEADERSHIP and MOTIVATION (capacity to direct people, being assured the level of motivation of these people, searching to reach the considered levels); CREATIVITY (to create is to have the capacity to get new and adequate situations, with originalidade in the contributions); FLEXIBILITY (it is the capacity of an individual in adapting it the situations, as much...
Middle Ages Moreover, in terms of , a reliance on comic folk culture not only contradicted the humanist ideals of Rabelais, but rather in harmony with them and even helped their promotion as' carnival spirit is a deep foundation of Renaissance literature. " As noted by in his book 'Art of Francois Rabelais and the folk culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance' 'No matter how scattered, disconnected and isolated individual' private 'body and things - the realism of the Renaissance, not circumcised umbilical cord that connects them with generating a body of land and the people. For example, the 'rehabilitation of the flesh', characteristic of humanity, and srodstvenna correlated with the 'grotesque conception of the body', with a predominance of 'material bodily principle of life "inherent in popular culture. Comic folk culture, as ancient, archaic by its origins, nevertheless anticipated some of the fundamental philosophical concepts that are specific to modern times. During the Renaissance, the indestructible hierarchical vertical medieval official representation of space ('The Great Chain of Being') replaced the historic horizontal: movement in time. In the grotesque concept of the body is going through the formation, in the popular-festive games, the subject of which was a fun course time, was born a new sense of life and historical understanding of the progress of mankind '. Wed in the text of the book : 'And so grotesque images to their essential relation to the time change and their ambivalence become the primary means of artistic and ideological expressions of a powerful sense of history and historical change, which is the exclusive power has awakened in the Renaissance. .

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