The History of the Car For a long time in order to expedite their movement and transport cargo, people used animals. Yet at the end of the last century futurists predicted that in future the city will be inundated with tons of horse manure. However, the reality was quite different - now larger cities filled with millions of cars. Creating your first car dates back to the eighteenth century, it undertook in 1769 a French inventor of Kyuno names. The attempt was not very successful, but in the next century, cars have taken rightful place on city streets. Today we are accustomed to the fact that cars use gasoline. In fact, vehicles with internal combustion engines do not immediately became the standard. In the early automobile era, the majority of vehicles were equipped with steam engines. Were also distributed car with an electric motor. When they were created cars with internal combustion engines, First they conceded cars with a steam engine for speed and other parameters. However, to 20m years of the 20th century, they won the competition. Significant contribution to the rise of the automobile industry, introduced by Henry Ford. Using new pipelined method of production, he filled the America their cars. But a few mistakes made by him in the organization of production has led to the firm of Ford could not hold a leading position. In addition to a normal car, to which we are all accustomed to, many designers have made many attempts to build various unusual cars. Among them - the amphibian car (some of them even swam across the English Channel) flying cars, cars with different engines, alternative, etc. Attempts to change habitual car is still going on. Well-known companies are attempting to design the cars on the alternative fuel, cars, computer controlled, and to make other interesting innovations.
The Illusionist And bring them to science lessons useful in soft pouch with a zipper. However, where computers are not available - at recess or vehicles carrying children to school, your brain will provide a variety of puzzles. Simple and sophisticated, they fit easily in your pocket and always ready to help pass the time usefully. The game of "barley-break, the task of which is located 15 squares with the numbers in order, was born a few centuries ago. However, despite his "advanced" age, it remains an entertaining, not only for toddlers but for older students. According to Christopher Chandler, who has experience with these questions. From board games child can give a mini-version of basketball, a maze, or loved by all "Tic-tac-toe." At the same time for the game in the past did not even need paper and pen: plastic figures are arranged in special cavities gift boxes. Learning and educational games - an important part of school education, however well-organized recreation helps them to recover strength for new employment. In the evening after school or on weekends in children is enough time that they want to spend as much as possible interesting. Why do not they try their hand at the art show is the focus? Sets with "magical" objects to help kids surprise their friends and parents, and Detailed instructions will make any trick available to even novice "The Illusionist." Of course, all of the above items the list of gifts is not limited. Their selection should take into account the nature of the child, his hobbies, temperament, small weakness. To deepen your understanding Derek Jeter is the source. Someone who likes to read, some prefer computer games and learning, and for someone the best incentive to learning is the prospect of a bright and bustling holiday. And yet...

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