The Security It conserves your car in good state go Here to some advice so that your car is in good state. 1) Much attention. It is important to verify the air pressure of the rims (including spare parts) with regularity, since will help you to the security as well as to reduce the fuel consumption and to increase the life utility of the tires. The pressure of the tires must be verified when they are cold (fixed during at least three hours daily) and you do not use them if retreadings have been repaired or, because it will be to you more difficult to control them when trips at high speeds. 2) Periodic control of your car. It reviews the oil of your motor, the liquid of refrigeration, brakes and the levels of water frequently. Asegrate of which all the recommended weekly controls in the manual have been realised and of which there is not warning of the car and the indicator of lights. 3) The maintenance of your vehicle. Asegrate from which your car receives the regular service. This will help you in questions of security as well as in the long term to prolong the life utility of your car and in the saving of money. 4) Rules for the conduction. Before advancing it verifies the wiring, the lights and enlistment as well as the tires and the pressure to which they are (the ideal is that they are around 40 PSI). 5) If you travel of long way. It shares the handling of the car with another person, avoids to lead at night. It can be a great idea that you take siestas from 15 to 20 minutes if you are tired or you tired. It changes of the conduction each hour and a half. 6) Safe conduction...

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