Prepaid MasterCard Credit Cards Companies rely on own co-branded visa or MasterCard in the own design and layout as a marketing tool 2010 Hamburg 19.04.2010 of the prepaid credit card market seems to still no end in sight. More and more companies from all over Europe rely on this ingenious marketing tool, which washed up directly from the United States on the European market. Successfully another TV was also now fitted transmitter with a prepaid MasterCard from the pre processor Payhumax Ltd. UK. I music 1 is a German music TV channel of which in the digital TV and via ASTRA satellite, is reserved. All future I Music1 MasterCard cardholders will receive also a free selectable CD IM1 shop free add. For more information, through the cooperation of global Humax Europe and the pre processor payhumax.com is it now possible that even smaller companies are still in the growth or the start up, also to equip with an own corporate layout or design co branding Prepaid MasterCard. The fabulous here is that companies must spare no high initial costs. The new productline Smart & easy company without initial costs and high set up fees allows to serve your customers now. Global Humax Europe currently according to own the cheapest provider for cobranding-credit card solutions across Europe. The legendary is partner that it must waive no Kartenfeaters for the future co branding. On the contrary, the cards are issued in Europe and are equipped even with the money transfer function. The future card holder has the opportunity to send money from the main card on a partner card and this in real time worldwide. There are still an money account, which allows the card holder to make a bank transfer in the entire SEPA zone included (BIN and BIC code). In the past, only large...
ICOM Website The ICOM communication consultant with sharper profile and Wiesbaden's new Web site, 06.08.2012. The Wiesbaden ICOM GmbH, one of the leading consultancies in Germany for corporate communication and measuring and controlling of communication, has subjected to your site of a complete relaunch. Reason was the repositioning of the advice. With our services, there was some developments with which we accompany customers already", so Thomas Geiger, Managing Director of ICOM. The reputation management, employer and employee branding and all the topics includes the use of social media in internal communication with appropriate training of responsible employees. These topics should find their place in the new." Clear priorities were and are the advice of internal corporate communications and the monitoring and controlling of employee communication. Ariana Fischer, head of consulting and managing partner of ICOM, in regard to the repositioning notes: in the SWOT analysis for our own profile we found out that our Independence, competence, seriousness which are analytical approach and pragmatic recommendations, which appreciate our customers in our approach. Customers get"so economically secure decision basis. The ICOM's recommendations take into account the overall communications mix it and are up to date with the latest developments. DiehlFrankfurt supported raising the profile of ICOM with a view from the outside and has designed the new website according to these specifications clearly, clearly and with a dash of humor. The programming was done by ilexius in Wiesbaden. We invite you to our new rode on to browse through and pleased about praise and suggestions for example on the pages of our blog! Anja Kaup

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