The Nutcracker A thoroughly healthy nibbling fun. Shells Nutcracker: design means "Function in the form", and can be found both combined in this massive, shiny chrome-plated nut cracker. Due by two arranged and conical forms of internal crack but also each nut, whether large or small. Another advantage is the bowls form closed down. Both walnuts and walnut shells no longer burst down away. Enjoy the full stone fruit, with dining table and home decor by jumping away Nutshells spared even as a permanent advertising with fine laser engraving available. Unit price and engraving costs on request. Music CD is one of the best known and most brilliant composers, conductors, and music critics of the 19th century Pyotr (Peter) Iljitsch Tschaikosky, born on April 25, 1840 in Kamsko-Wotkinski Zavod (Russia). Although he took piano lessons at the age of 4, he began studying music in composition and instrumentation to musical failure until 1861. The first successful compositions, such as "Romeo & Juliet" Overture, symphonies to "Snow white" and the ballet "Swan Lake" emerged in the 60s and 70s of the 19th century. Included on the CD "The Nutcracker" in set music you are listening to the eponymous Ballet, presented by the "English Chamber of Orchestra London" the suites "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping beauty" played by the "Ballet Orchestra of Moscow". Put the CD, close your eyes and enjoy life concert atmosphere. Nuts to crack and eat later. Press company contact: the advertising idea Rainer foot Kottenforststrasse 17 53340 Meckenheim German Germany FON: + 49 (2225) 953595 fax: + 49 (2225) 953596 E-mail: the company "the advertising idea" itself since January 1992 "the advertising idea" as an intermediary between producers of innovative promotional products and customers with high demands on the effectiveness of their overall marketing mix. These customers include the use of...

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